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“The Book of Creation”: a conversation with Sarah Blau

by Gabriele Ottaviani

Sarah Blau wrote the amazing Yetzer Lev ha-Adamah – The Book of Creation: Convenzionali is really happy to interview her for you.

Why did you write this book?

I wrote the book because I had to. Because I felt I was about to explode. Because I was miserable and lonely and felt that everyday is no longer enough for me and human beings are not enough for me and then I turned to what has always helped me: the past, the legends, the tradition. And I turned to the dark Jewish legend that always helped me: the golem. But I decided to write it upside down. I decided that whoever created it would not be a rabbi, man, it would be a woman.

Which is the power of culture and religion in our society?

I think their power is huge. And it’s only growing. Now even in the Corona period one can see how culture and books and television save people and on the other hand one can see how people turn to religion and God as a source of comfort. The problem is that sometimes religion seems to stand up to modern culture, and I say, that’s not true! They both need to work together to make us save ourselves from this crumbling world.

What means to be a woman now in our world?

I think today is the best time to be a woman, of course there is still room for improvement, but for example in religious society, many of the prohibitions in the past are starting to disappear. There are more and more religious feminists and activists for women’s rights. I’m very glad I’m a woman, I would not want to wake up in the morning and find out I’m a man.

What do you think about #metoo?

I am very glad that this movement exists. It’s about  time! I think about my little nieces and am very happy that they will grow up in a different world than the one I grew up in. In my book I turned the roles, the woman is the one who creates the golem. She is the active and he is the passive, I wrote this book before #metoo,  and today I am reading it with a new look.

Which is the way for freedom nowadays?

Self-confidence, awareness, reading, the ability to make money on your own, and stop feeling guilty.

What do you think about US and Israel politics?

God, what a huge question. I will take this to Jewish relations in Israel and the United States. I love the conservative communities there that succeed in renewing Judaism, and I feel that the religious Jews here in Israel can learn a lot from them. And it’s starting to happen…

How can we make a better world for future generations?

First of all, let’s try not to destroy the current generation… I think everyone should first try and be a better person themselves. Then in the community close to him. We are in a difficult period. To me, culture has a real part to play in conveying ideas. It is true that now the whole world is engaged in actual survival because of the corona, but let us also remember the spirit. By the way, I recently started doing Jewish meditation and it helps me. I was a very nervous person, and that calmed me down. That’s my little thing. Self-improvement that I hope will pass on.

Which is the importance of love, sex and passion in our life?

Wow! I attach great importance to it, I have been alone for more than two years and feel the lack of love and passion and sex in my life I try to convey all this to writing, and my writing is really passionate and full of passion, but I miss my life. It’s not the same. Too bad I can not create for myself some golem.

Why are you a writer? What would you be if you couldn’t write novels?

I write because I owe it to myself to live, but when I was a kid I really wanted to be a barber.



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